Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Technique is the new method which is used to calm people who get uncomfortable in the dental treatment setting. While some people have no problem getting their dental treatment done in the clinic, there are a few people who get uncomfortable with the thought of signing up for dental treatment. These people are anxious and simply cannot rest during the dental procedure.

For such cases, our team of specialists at Dr. Poonam Batra Dental Multispecialty Clinic uses Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation method to make the patient calm and stress-free.

Conscious Sedation method has been used for over a century to make the dentistry treatment a stress-free treatment. Nitrous Oxide is one of the methods of sedating the patient during the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide is the colorless gas which has a slight “sweet odor”. It is commonly known as “laughing gas”. American Dental Association and other dental journals have found that administering Nitrous Oxide as a conscious sedation method is a completely safe and effective method to reduce the anxiety and stress during dental procedures. This method is often used in combination with local anesthetic. This method is widely used to calm the children during their treatment as they are the most anxious ones at the clinic. However, these can also be used to sedate the adults who are stressed about the treatment.

Nitrous Oxide is the safest sedative in the dentistry to reduce the dental procedure-related anxiety and stress. Nitrous Oxide gas is administered in combination with Oxygen (O2) and both the gases are kept at a safe level during administration. After a few minutes, you may start to feel the floating sensation and you may feel some tingling sensation in your hands and feet. This means that the sedation is working. Once you confirm that you’re feeling calm and comfortable, the dental procedure can begin.

During this procedure, you won’t be asleep. Moreover, you will be able to speak and remain in control during the procedure. The sedation can be fine-tuned with the level of conscious sedation you need.

After the procedure is over, the nitrous oxide is brought down to zero and the oxygen supply is increased. After a few minutes, you can resume your normal daily activities. Some people may experience sedation similar to “having a few drinks” and may also experience the “hangover” effect afterwards.


The American Dental Association and various other dental journals have concluded that Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation Method is perfectly safe for children who are anxious and stressed before the dental treatment. Moreover, it is non-addictive.

Nitrous Oxide does not put you to sleep, however, some patients may fall asleep. The reason for administering the sedation before the treatment is to make the patient feel calm and stress-free. The patient remains in control during the treatment and could easily give feedback on the level of anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide generally wears off in a few minutes after the administration of the gas once it is put to stop. The increased oxygen supply after the treatment makes it easier to recover from sedation.

Children are mostly benefited from this method of sedation. In addition to children, people who get anxious and stressed with the thought of going for the dental treatment can help with Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation method. However, if you have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or other pulmonary diseases, or are pregnant, it may not be suitable for you.